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Kokoro Aikido offers Aikido lessons in Berlin at a professional level. We have lessons for beginners and advanced learners as well as for children and teenagers.


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the beauty of aikido

Aikido Technik

Fitness for Body and Mind

Aikido offers comprehensive physical training that targets strength, flexibility and conditioning and strengthens the entire body.

Kids Meditation

Mental Strength

The concentration and self-discipline promoted in Aikido contribute to mental strength and stress reduction.

Aikido Gruppenunterricht

Community & Self-Development

Aikido emphasizes principles such as harmony, respect and mindfulness, promoting spiritual development and creating a supportive community.

What  is  Aikido?

Aikido Lernen

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on the principle of harmony. Unlike many other martial arts, Aikido does not emphasize attack, but rather the skillful use of the opponent's energy. Practitioners learn to move fluidly, redirect attacks and bring the attack under control without injuring the opponent.

However, the benefits of Aikido go beyond physical self-defense. Regular exercise improves physical fitness, coordination and flexibility. Aikido also promotes mental balance and emotional control as it aims to transform negative energy into positive actions. This martial art not only creates physical strength, but also promotes respect, community and the ability to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. Aikido is therefore not only effective self-defense, but also a journey to personal growth and inner peace.

Classes  For  young  and  old

Aikido Kinder toben


10 years of experience


open 47 weeks a year


over 200 members are already taking part

THIS  IS  what  you  will  learn

✔ Self-confidence

✔ Discipline

✔ physical fitness

✔ Mobility

✔ Stress relief

✔ Ability to concentrate

✔ Mental strength

✔ Joy of moevement

✔ Body awareness

✔ Community spirit

✔ Serenity

✔ Flexibility

Aikido Umarmung

impressions  from  the  class

Would you like to try Aikido? With us you will find an easy introduction to this fascinating martial art.


Our beginner courses are specifically tailored to your needs. The basic techniques are repeated regularly in a safe environment.


And with our supervised introductory phase, we help you dive into the world of Aikido step by step.

our  offer  for  you

Aikido für Minis


Aikido für Kinder


Aikido für Jugendliche


Aikido für Erwachsene




GET  a  free  trial  lesson


A. Introductory Phone Call

In a short telephone conversation, we will clarify your most important questions and arrange your desired date for the free trial lesson.


B. Trial Class

In your free trial lesson you will get to know Aikido, our teaching methodology and the teachers.


C. Consultation

Together we will find a training plan that suits your personal wishes. We take time for you to take your needs into account.

Customer  Testimonials

More than 100 5-star reviews on Google speak for themselves. Convince yourself!

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Kokoro Aikido Dojo

Grellstraße 74

10409 Berlin

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Kokoro Aikido in the Kulturbrauerei

Knaackstr. 97

10435 Berlin

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Frequently  asked  questions

1. I'm a complete beginner. Will I be in the way of others?
Our approach is aimed at making it as easy as possible for new members to get started. For this reason we offer separate lessons for beginners and advanced students. In the beginners' lessons you will be gently introduced to new movements, while the explanations are clear and precise. Advanced students have the possibility to train more intensively together in separate lessons. This means everyone can practice at their current level.
2. From what age can children train with you?
We have lessons for preschool children ages 4 and up. The children practice separately in groups divided by age so that we can adapt the content of the lessons to their development. Our children's program, specially developed according to the most modern pedagogical principles, has something suitable for every age group.
3. I'm a little older. Am I perhaps too unathletic for Aikido?
No, you're not. Aikido is not a competitive sport. Each person can practice at their own pace, regardless of age. The goal is to strengthen body and mind. The classes are aimed at gradually building stamina and strength. Practicing in a way that is gentle on the body is a basic principle in Aikido. Depending on your needs, training can range from slow and relaxed to sweaty and demanding. Either way: We will accompany you on this path.
4. Is the training dangerous - can I or my child get injured?
Aikido is a gentle martial art that emphasizes cooperation. The integrity of the body is a fundamental principle in our practice. Partner exercises are always carried out in a controlled manner and there is no sparring. This means that training always takes place in a controlled environment.
5. Are there specific classes held in English available?
We don't have separate classes for English speakers. But our entire teaching staff does speak English. So if there is someone on the mat who is not comfortable with German (which is most of the time), we will always switch back and forth between German and English. Rest assured: Making the class available and comprehensible for you is a priority for us.
6. Does Aikido really work? Can I use this to defend myself?
At first glance, Aikido appears almost dance-like with its flowing movements. That's why the question of functionality can quickly arise. However, the Aikido approach is deliberately not about teaching someone how to fight, but rather how not to fight. Although the movements can basically be used as self-defense techniques, the focus is not on fighting, but on communication. Through the movements you develop physical self-confidence, which exudes calm and serenity. The ability to communicate confidence with your own body is far more important than any technique and will avoid the fight entirely when in doubt.
7. Why are there no competitions or sparring in Aikido?
The basic idea in Aikido is that communication and cooperation bear more fruit than confrontation. We learn this on a physical level, as the techniques become easier the more we work with our partner instead of against them - or even dominating them by force. This philosophy contradicts concepts of victory and defeat. To achieve a more peaceful world, we start with ourselves on the mat and support each other in learning instead of fighting against each other.

Who  is  karl  ruben?

Karl Ruben Aikido

Owner and director of the Kokoro Aikido Dojo: Karl Ruben started Aikido at the age of 13. In his more than 20 years in this art, he has continued his education throughout Europe, the USA and Japan.


He holds the 5th Dan Aikikai and is therefore one of the youngest teachers in Germany with this degree. Since founding his own school over 10 years ago, he has now accompanied the founding of several other Aikido groups in and around Berlin and trained various teachers.


"It is a great joy and honor to watch the development of both my young and adult students. The opportunity to help people gain more self-confidence, an improved body image and an all-round happier life makes me proud and grateful at the same time. It is beautiful to find the right path for every student."


professional teaching

Our school is a member of various professional associations and organizations. In this way we can maintain the highest standards of modern didactics and at the same time remain true to the classic values of our art. Through contact with other schools and school leaders, we offer a certified standard of professionalism in our school.

Member of the


Member of the

Kampfkunst Kollegium

(certified educational service provider)

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Kokoro Aikido (Zentrale)
Grellstr. 74
10409 Berlin


Kokoro Aikido (Kulturbrauerei)

Knaackstr. 97

Hof 4 (Geb. 9.2) / 3. Stock

10435 Berlin