The Kokoro Way

 The Kokoro Aikido Dojo is a community where everyone gets a chance to learn martial arts. We support each other in our endeavor and vouch for ...

… an Aikido for real Heros

 To us, Aikido is not a matter of age, talent, or mere muscular strength. What counts are dedication and commitment. Everyone who seriously decides to can bring that along. Resting oneself on one's own skills and capabilities is boring. Real heroes shift their limits over and over again.

… the right to questions

 Questions are an integral part of the learning process and with us, everyone has a right to ask them and receive a respectful answer. We believe that the Aikido-teacher is often more than only a trainer. Hence it is fine to address him at any time with requests, troubles, or questions concerning the martial arts (as long as it isn't four o'clock in the morning).

… respect on the tatami

 Everyone is entitled to learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect, without being intimidated, ridiculed, belittled or in any other way being made to feel inadequate. We are all part of a community in which respect, integrity, courtesy and fairness are values we never want to lose sight of.

… a good contact with the partner

 In Aikido, everyone should be able to expect their training partners to observe hygiene, show up clean on the tatami, follow the etiquette, help one another, and never be touched disrespectfully by them. Therefore, we set a good example and make our moms proud of us.

… an Aikido without fear

 We want to always train in a manner that allows both partners to grow from the exercise. On that account we rely on an Aikido without pain where security and a safe training are always warranted.

… aspiration and humility

 The practice here has a high quality because we set high standards for ourselves. We savor that because every one of us makes an effort to keep it that way. And we remain modest because we recognize what a tough job that is.


We believe in laughter, sweat, exercise and cooperation on the tatami and are thankful for the gift of Aikido.

We also teach in English!

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