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Our history

In January 2013, I founded the Kokoro Aikido Dojo. After years of practice in various Aikido dojos and additional education on seminars both in Germany and internationally, I made my dream come true and established a dojo. A group of Aikidoka had already formed for some time after I had been teaching for several years in Prenzlauer Berg. This became the core of what constitutes Kokoro Aikido nowadays. The Kokoro Aikido group has found its home in the beautiful Taekwondo-Dojang of the Zen-Taekwondo group of Thomas Wiener.


Dojo Hohenschönhausen

Kokoro is the Japanese term for "heart". This term was chosen to represent our group because we believe that in training, what really counts is dedication, passion, and commitment. To have talent and physique may help in the beginning, but ultimately Aikido is a constant endeavor for personal growth. Thus if we do our best, who could reproach us with anything? Seeking to be stronger than everybody else has no meaning for us, to give one's eyeteeth in every moment is the heart of training martial arts - it's Kokoro.


If you find this approach to Aikido interesting, I would be glad to welcome you to a free trial class. You are always welcome. Check out our schedule and I hope to see you soon.



      Karl Ruben, 4. Dan Aikikai

Our line

Christian Tissier

The teaching in our dojo mainly follows the ideas of Christian Tissier Sensei (8. Dan Aikikai) from Paris. Tissier Sensei is perhaps the most eminent living person in Aikido outside of Japan. His clear style of teaching has formed an entire generation of Aikidoka to which we are proud to add ourselves.





Miyamoto Sensei

Apart from Tissier Sensei, the Hombu-Dojo (main Aikido dojo in Tokyo) teacher Miyamoto Sensei (8. Dan Aikikai) has greatly influenced the approach to Aikido that we strive to implement. Miyamoto Sensei opens a completely new perspective on Aikido by reestablishing a traditional Japanese ambiance without getting stuck in an autocratic teaching style.



Jorma Lyly

Finally, we invite Jorma Lyly Sensei (6. Dan Aikikai) from Stockholm to teach in Berlin at least once a year. His creativity and freedom of movement is a never ending source of inspiration.

Our network

Being enmeshed in a group of friends that help us develop is an important part of the Aikido culture to us. Thus we stay in good touch with several dojos in Germany and Europe.


Cercle Tissier

Being a student of Tissier Sensei, I regularly visit his dojo in Paris, the Cercle Tissier, to recharge the batteries. Many of his students have become close friends and we're happy to visit as often as possible.

Vanadis Logo

We are especially close connected with the Vanadis Aikido Klubb in Stockholm, home of Jan Nevelius Sensei and Jorma Lyly Sensei, which members of our group visit on several occasions a year.

Usagi Dojo

We also got in close touch with the Czech students of Tissier Sensei - living mainly in Prague and Pardubice. These genuinely characterful friends always humble us with the delight of their company. And that is not even an exaggeration.

Wuli Dojo

In Berlin, we have found a partner in the "Wuli"-dojo in Charlottenburg. Active exchange between our groups has recently greatly enriched both our trainings.

We also teach in English!

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